gone wild


Got my wish for a couple of hours’ reprieve from rain this evening, took advantage of it by getting in a killer set of intervals – the first one in a while and, really, the one to kick off this racing season.  The warm weather seemed to let me go wild, with light gear on, coffee buzz on, the ‘high mileage fatigue be damned’ attitude, did an impromptu set of

5 x 3 minute pick-ups averaging around 5:40/mile pace…5:30 pace downhill/5:50 pace uphill…2 minutes rest jog sucking wind…

12 miles in all, including warm up and cool down.

With the year’s first 5k in a week and a half, been itching to get some anaerobic stuff in; but the weather, schedule, mileage, and injuries had conspired to delay action.  Will have a chance for at least another one before the race, it’s looking like in the 60’s and bright all next week…looking forward to running free.



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