effort and effortless


13 miles around the park and parkway – 12 and 13 miles are my typical daily running diet these days.  Got out just after it cooled below 40, but was still delightful in the sun.  Felt soreness and fatigue at the start, but once the juices started flowing around mile 4 and seeing a flood of runners out in the park, the form overcame fatigue.  I’ve felt this phenomenon during a marathon: you’re tired and in pain but you’re able to hit a smooth patch, and the arms and legs are able to carry you ‘over’ the pain.  It’s hard to explain.

Btw slightly off topic, but I highly recommend the movie ‘McFarland, USA’.  It’s more than a running movie – though one of the best running movies ever – it covers race, class, and ethnicity in a very sensitive manner.  If “McFarland’ reflects only a fraction of the actual events, it’s a remarkable story of hope.


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