a good start


A little sore from yesterday’s race, but with the stomach and family issues of the past couple of days having settled down, did a nice 12 mile recovery in this ever improving weather, now up to the mid 30’s.

Still feeling good about yesterday’s 8k in 27:47, 5:35 pace on a relatively hilly course and on a relatively windy day.

In fact, around miles 2 and 3, the flat parts, running with the 2nd pack still, with the top 3 still in site, feeling strangely in control, smooth, and breathing easy cruising in 5:20-5:30 pace, the legs, arms, and joints feeling limber, as if I were in my 20’s again, I remember thinking, ‘what the hell is this?’  As always you don’t stay in the zone forever, and I began coming back down to earth again.  But for those few minutes, I was back in time.

This is all very encouraging. The first serious race of the year, with a stomach thing and not so perfect conditions, going well.  A good start.


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