stomach flu, family issues, jury duty…all before an 8k


Dealing with a stomach ailment yesterday and overnight (not sure whether food poisoning or a stomach bug), getting a stressful call from family in New England in the morning of race regarding family issues, and topping it off with a jury duty summons in the early morning mail, this was the craziest pre-race scenario, I think, I had ever encountered.  Almost threw in the towel and blew off the race.

But I had paid for it, and even if my heart wasn’t in it, approached it as a workout.

The morning was cold and windy, and since I was racing in shorts, legs were numb along with my mind from the morning stress.

But you know what, the race was just what I needed – a nice distraction from all the crap.  The effort and pain of the 8k took me away.  This new temporary course was damn hilly, and the fifth hill just before the 4 mile mark nearly did me in.

Surprise surprise, finished 10 overall (VERY happy about this as it is the Shamrock) in 27:47 – nearly in the top 7 until that last hill – and 1st master among some decent competition from out of town.

Damn, that feels good.


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