intervals on ice


Can’t catch a break in the weather. The temps were above 30 for a change, but was accompanied by snow then freezing rain. Needed to get an anaerobic workout in today with the Shamrock race coming up, so bit the bullet and went out for a set of intervals in the park.  3 miles warm up to the park, 6 miles of intervals around a 2 mile Ring Rd loop at the park, then 3 miles back in steady freezing rain. 12 miles in all.

The intervals consisted of 8 x 3 minutes hard (6 minute mile speed/5:30 mile effort) with 2 minute jog rest, over 6 miles continuously. The snow covered road began getting coated with ice, but the leftover melting salt and the temps kept the traction during the workout.

The run home was a mess, as was the traffic I was navigating through in the nasty snow/rain/ice mix.

But you get to feel like a badass.

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