happy reunion long run


It was supposed to be warmer today, but the morning hadn’t gotten the memo and it was still freezing when I went out at 9am to meet the Saturday morning run group – the first run with the guys in 3 weeks – it felt barely above zero.

Great to see the guys, Pat and Dan who are getting set for Boston; and David, his girlfriend Jen, and Chris, three of the top runners in the area.  They would run around 12, while Pat and Dan, my usual running partners, planned on 20.  I was expecting a long run from these guys today and wasn’t disappointed.  2 miles out to meet them, 16 with them, and finishing with 2 running back home, 20 miles in all. Definitely a long run.

The footing was decent, much better than the 23 miler 3 weeks ago, so we ran a few miles at a decent clip, around 6:50 pace.

Now back home, chillin’, cookin’, resting these joints, and about to chow down on some veggie protein sauce and penne – home made!


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