surviving will b excelling


Let’s just hope we’re bottoming out this weekend temperature-wise.  After a mild 30 degrees yesterday, was down to 15 during today’s easy 8 mile run, trying to loosen up, preparing for Saturday’s Lockport YMCA 10 Miler, will be dropping down to subzero tonight and tomorrow.  Windchills down to 10-20 below.

This February race has a knack for picking the day with the lowest temps or an epic storm.  Even for Buffalo standards, this race stands out for its hardy nature.  Last year was brutal windy cold near zero temps:

The start of race, trying to warm up with some humor

This Saturday looks like a near repeat of last year.  Would like to run a decent time, but, again, it’ll be more of surviving than excelling.  Sometimes surviving IS excelling.



2 thoughts on “surviving will b excelling

  1. wanderwolf

    I couldn’t help but think about Badwater or some of the Antarctic trail races. I think thriving during those is indeed “surviving.”
    Survive, and thrive tomorrow,


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