a good run after an eventful weekend


Yesterday was catch on sleep day after working nearly all of Sunday night/Monday morning helping the store deal with shipping issues and being employee-short handed because of the recent snow storms here and the east coast.  I don’t own nor manage this grocery store so don’t mind helping out during business emergencies.  Actually it works as a good strength workout tossing around hardy cases of fruits and vegetables.

But the overnight shift was after Saturday’s 23 miler, so it was a good hard punch to the face and arms and legs…Slept real good most of Monday, went out for a 12 miler today and included some intervals – 4 x 3 minutes @ sub 6 minute mile pace/2 minute rest jog – in the park over some not so good footing.

A very good run, think I’ll jump in a traditionally frigid and stormy 10 miler, a kind of a kick off race for the year, in Lockport, NY, half way between Buffalo and Canada.


2 thoughts on “a good run after an eventful weekend

  1. wanderwolf

    Wow! Those are intense back-to-back workouts. Nice cross training. 😉
    Also I forgot to nominate you as well for the “really neat award.” I always look forward to your posts– the mix of running and depth of thought. But you don’t have to answer the questions.


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