23 in the slush


This week’s schedule and weather played havoc on the running schedule, on and off for much of the week.  The runs that I did get in were quality – at least 14 miles and some tempo or intervals included – and the days I missed probably would have included a few junk miles.  So not too much lost.

Today was a doozy, though  Missed yesterday, but had a feeling I was going to get a good one in today with the Saturday group.  And I did.  There were only 3 of us this morning, with Dan and Pat who are training for Boston.  They were doing 19 and I was playing it by ear – ran 2 miles out to meet them and the let’s see where the morning takes me.  A warm up in the temps made the snow slushy, so half the run was like running in quicksand.  We went all over Buffalo, including over parts of several race courses.

As usual we got lost in the conversation.  By the end the guys did 19.5 and I stayed with them instead of remembering to peel off beforehand.  Including the 2 miles back to my house, I ended up doing 23.5 today.  It was a doozy.

Now back home, showered, pigging out on anything I see in the fridge and ready to zone out…



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