the injury dance


After sustaining what felt like a right quad strain, took the last 2 days off.  Actually the first day was for the strain, the second day was added for complete exhaustion…probably the effects of the mileage of the past couple of weeks and the wear and tear.  Slept good for those days as well and that, along with a high protein diet, seemed to do the trick.

So today was a test run to see if the quad was healed and whether the rest of me had recovered.  It was frigid out along with nearly a foot of snow that had fallen while I was recovering, so it wasn’t exactly inviting.  Luckily the crunchy snow acted as a cushion for these legs, and the wind stayed calm.  The initial goal was to try about 6-8 miles and go from there.  All the jumping and hopping over the snow banks was the hardest part, but the legs felt good – aside from the normal soreness of high mileage.  The strain seemed to be gone, so at mile 8 in the park, decided to add 5 miles to get it to lucky 13.

The quads were ‘normal’ sore and the left calf nearly cramped up by the end. But no pain of the injury sort.  Just soreness!  Soreness of pushing to the limit.

We’re doing the dance with injury, here, hovering around the line; but sometimes you can’t refuse to dance…


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