some wear and tear


Another double duty today, 8 miles in the morning in 10 degress then 4 miles in the evening in 15 degrees with snow.  The snow actually helped to cover and give traction to the sheet of ice across the sidewalks.

The doubles of the past couple of days are helping with the wear and tear – a break from a series of long runs – but the this morning’s 8 hurt the right quad a lot, to the point of the pain at the end of a marathon.  Had to slow down and ease up tonight to loosen it up and not cause an actual strain.

Plan on doing another long run tomorrow but will play it by ear.


2 thoughts on “some wear and tear

  1. WalkToRio

    That’s a nice double session.
    I had to stop doubling last week because I was feeling too heavy, I was doing 12 sessions a week, I’m 9 now, just double the days I have speed sessions. Long walks I have enough with one for now.


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