a tough one


Suffering a stomach ‘thing’ and feeling the brunt of the past week’s mileage, took yesterday off after trying to work up the motivation. Felt a little better today but still sore, especially the legs/quads, went out for a 16 miler.  The weather was pretty raw, blustery, in the 20’s with a windchill that felt much colder than was forecasted.  Overcast skies didn’t help.  It was going to be a ‘long’ run.

Just so I didn’t have to run in the park all day, included the waterfront and downtown areas to keep it interesting.  Picked up the pace from miles 8 thru 11 for a 4 mile tempo – 6:30 pace in the first 2 and 6 minute pace for the next 2 – this hurt a lot as my quads were already sore.  The sun came out for the final 3 mile easy pace back home.  The run took a lot out of me, had some food, and now taking it very easy…


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