winter hazards


The song that seemed apt for today’s run was ‘walking on the moon,’ as the 8 mile run around the desolate windswept parkway at dusk felt like being on the dark side of the moon.  The temps barely reached double digits, but the fierce winds made the windchill just as cold as yesterday.  Still I felt light on my feet, cushioned by the snow packed paths, even after several days of double digit mileage.

Felt in control today, whereas I nearly bonked in the middle of yesterday’s frigid 12 miler.  I probably hadn’t eaten adequately before it.  I eventually recovered and finished strong, but the light headedness in sub-zero temps with several miles still to go felt a little too close to the danger zone.  Passing out is out of the question in this weather.  Made sure to have plenty of calories before heading out today.


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