to a joyous 2015


Let me start by saying Happy New Year!  The festivities are starting around here and 2015 is just around the corner – crazy.  12 warm and cozy miles around the park, the longest run in a while, on a chilly afternoon.

Didn’t get a chance to go for a run yesterday, busy planning for a trip to Southern Cal during my son Adam’s winter break in February, which partly will be used for college visits.  LA, practically the farthest point from here.  Not excited about this, but that’s one of the areas he’s considering.

Taking Adam, aka ‘Bubsy’ as a baby and toddler, on college visits signals that I’m getting older (but not ‘old’) and that another year has passed by.  Or rather another year was ‘experienced’, as I like to look at it now.  And 2014 was a meaningful experience, and as I get older, each year seems increasingly so.  People close to me, family and friends, passed on this year – this, of course, was very sad – but remarkably they didn’t completely go away and instead left me some wonderful legacy and memories.  For this I am thankful.

Less angry than I was when I was younger, but just as passionate about the things I love, I’ve become less patient with foolishness, be it people or things, and that’s a good thing.  One of the things I love, running, was very good to me in 2014.  It was generous in giving me some more unexpected PR’s and new friends.  I, in turn, gave it all I had.  And it encourages me to continue to work to improve, in performance and in other ways such as being appreciative.  And all through ‘14, you, my tumblr friends, were kind enough to follow along, and indulge and encourage me.  For this I am thankful…and wish you a joyous New Year.



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