‘kindergarten rule’


8 easy miles around the park on a warm cloudy misty day.  A relaxing run, something I needed and enjoyed.  No racing this week and that feels good.  So I guess this year’s racing season is over.

Wanted to recount an incident on the eve of the XC race.  Got down to Bethlehem, PA Friday evening after a 6 hour drive and found the the hotel packed with runners in town for the race, and the front desk staffed by one person.  So I waited along with the line behind me, tired and hungry, as the couple in front of me had some issues with their reservation.  Then I remembered that I had left my phone which had my reservation number in the car.  I apologized and told the couple behind me that I needed to get something from my car and that I’d be right back, asking to hold my place.  They didn’t respond, and I quickly retrieved my phone from my car and came back to my original spot at the head of the line.  The middle-aged couple behind me then said to me, “you know if you leave the line, you have to go to the back.”  I thought they were joking, so I replied, “that must be a Pennsylvania rule.”  They clearly were serious, as the women said to me, “that’s a rule you learn in kindergarten.”  I was floored.  Are you kidding me, it wasn’t like I had gone out and had a meal and come back or simply cut in front of them.  I looked at the line of people behind me to see if they felt the same way, couldn’t tell.  I didn’t want to get into a debate with this couple, so just had to turn back around and shake my head at the lack of civility or understanding.  All I could think of was “kindergarten.”



6 thoughts on “‘kindergarten rule’

  1. runningintshirt Post author

    Yes, it was sad. On the other hand when I jokingly said, “that must be a Pennsylvania rule,” thinking they were joking too, I unintentionally must have seemed incredibly sassy to them and seemed to piss them off even more. An unexpected gift.

    1. runningintshirt Post author

      I know, but I got an inadvertent dig in that really annoyed them. But seriously I didn’t want to stoop to their level and start arguing over this really trivial matter. It was just absurd.


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