first bonk in a while


After spending a part of the weekend with my son, did a late afternoon speed work on the golf course in Delaware Park.  Usually I’d run on the road around the golf course, but this workout was on the perimeter of the course, over its rolling hills, to prep for next weekend xc race.  The perimeter is slight less than 2 miles around and mimics Lehigh’s cornfield cross country course well.  The nearly 15 yard-wide path cut through their cornfield is a rolling hilly 10k.

Repeated 3 minutes fast/2 minutes slow continuously around the golf course.  It’s all in getting accustomed to running fast over a soft grassy surface.  Didn’t wear spikes today, will next Saturday.

Felt like I was pushing it, but didn’t realize how much until I began to bonk in the final mile of the cool down back to my house.  Started to feel light headed and see flashes of light as if I were hitting the wall in a marathon.  I love it when I bonk towards the end of a workout – means I pushed it to the limit.  10 miles altogether today, including the workout.


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