re-learning xc


So, didn’t do as well as I would have liked, but certainly ran better than the last race.  In this Upstate NY XC series 10k, a pretty competitive affair, 18th overall, 5th master, in 35:40. Felt good in the beginning, forgetting that it’d be a 10k race over rough terrain, went out as fast as I would in a road race.  Bad idea.  A few of the ‘smarter’ masters competitors bid their time and passed me during the middle muddy phase.  Still, didn’t feel too bad about it, it was fun.

I gotta figure out this masters xc thing.  Used to be good at xc, in my 20’s, but feel like I’m learning all over again.  My mediocre run luckily didn’t hurt our Roadkill Racing too much.  We lost to out rivals, a major NY state club who’d won this series 12 years in a row.  We finished the season tied, but they won the tie-breaker.

There is a USATF national club championship in 3 weeks in Western PA, and now I think I’ll go with the team to compete in it, I’d like to finish the year with at least one good xc run.

But first, time to gear up for Thursday’s Turkey Trot, a race on solid ground…


One thought on “re-learning xc

  1. wanderwolf

    Sounds like a good learning race, and I’m really stoked to hear about your Turkey Trot. You’ve been talking it up! I expect something even more than your usual line of awesome. 😉
    Just kidding. But I sure hope this race goes as planned for you. Have a good week!


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