force of nature


Back after a couple of days off.  After a nice test race on Saturday, felt a cold coming on Sunday; the back was still a bit sore from the spasms – which I get about twice a year – from Saturday morning; the left foot was a little sore from twisting it during the cool down run after the 5k (feeling like a klutz these days); and planning Thanksgiving travel; so took the two days off just to rest up and recover.

Oh and I forgot about the major lake effect snow storm hitting Western NY at this moment.  Luckily Buffalo will ‘only’ get about a foot, the towns just 5 miles south of the city will be getting near 5 feet (no exaggeration) in the next day or two.  There’s some snow on the streets, but it’s the winds that’s harsh.  Went out for a nice 10 miler though, on the snow and through the wind.  Felt nice and serene.  The two days off seemed to do the trick.

Serene, too, because I thought I felt the spirit of a recently departed along the winds and snow.  Tom Donnelly, the race director of The Buffalo Marathon, The Buffalo Turkey Trot, and president of the biggest running club in the area, and a good friend to 1000’s (no exaggeration), unexpectedly passed away from a heart issue Saturday at the age of 61.  A real mensch, Tom was the perfect person to direct these major races set in Buffalo, a working class town where everybody know everybody else, and grew them to their current wildly popular level.  He was a real force of nature and so it seems apt that the area is experiencing such a natural event a few days after his passing…


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