in good position


What the heck, decided this morning to run one of the last 5k’s of the season to test out the fitness.  It was ccccold, in the upper 20’s, with the arctic west winds blowing into your face and arms and legs through the first 2.5k.  Oh and my back decided to act up and have spasms when I got up this morning.  After walking around for a while – luckily the race didn’t start until 11 – it loosened up enough for me to take a chance and enter the race.

I’m glad I did.  16:27, got 4th overall and 1st master in a surprisingly competitive race – a lot of runners were using it as a tune up for the Turkey Trot in a week and a half.  I was happy with the race.  Hadn’t run a 5k in over a month, went out conservatively, and felt in control most of the way.  A nice tune up for the Turkey Trot (and the xc race before that).

Now to rest and loosen up the back…


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