good news and great news


At Greater Buffalo Track Club’s (my club) 5k cross country race this morning, in the upper 30’s, on a soggy course from yesterday’s rain, but for the most part in decent shape.  Took yesterday off.

The ok news: didn’t feel particularly inspired this morning, cold, and a little tired from work and having to deal with the knee issue for the past couple weeks.

The good news: 3rd overall, the 1st two finishers were young bucks in my training group.  1st master, time 17:40 (about a minute and a half slower than a road course, due to ‘fun’ hills and the mud), 10 secs slower than last year.

The great news: no pain in the knee during and after the race.  That was the best result of all.  Now I can go back to full training the next couple of weeks for the XC and The Buffalo Turkey Trot (which incidentally is the oldest consecutively run road race in the US).

Sound the Rocky tune, it’s on…


2 thoughts on “good news and great news

  1. wanderwolf

    Good for you! Congrats on the pacing and the pain-free-ness. Hope you feel just as good tomorrow (off runner’s high) and that the next few weeks of training go snag-free.


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