spending some banked fitness


After yesterday’s difficult workout due to the knee soreness and finding out that the XC race is Sunday and not Saturday, decided to take today completely off, not even a light jog, as advised by several online/offline friends.  I was planning it anyway, but some prodding from the sidelines convinced me.  Will play it by ear tomorrow since I have an extra day before the race.

Not too anxious about taking a day or two off here, I’ve banked plenty of fitness this year to afford this.  It’ll be touch and go like this for the next few weeks, until the goal races – the final XC race and The Turkey Trot, both on Thanksgiving week.  I’ll be able to get a good rest in afterwards, as there won’t be a meaningful race again until late Dec/early Jan.



11 thoughts on “spending some banked fitness

  1. mythreemoggies

    Take it easy :-). I had a week of finding it hard to get motivated, but last night moved up a level with the club and feel really good :-). 13 miles tomorrow so think of me in the rain :-).

      1. wanderwolf

        Yep. Don’t I know it! I struggled with a broken toe for a few weeks before my family had to intervene and tell me to take a break and see a doctor. 🙂 Just remember, you may not feel that amazing yet tomorrow, since the body often needs a jumpstart after a rest day. Sun. should look good though! Hope the knee is feeling good then.

  2. road to the 2015 boston marathon

    Certainly is hard to stop what you’ve been used to, but a little off the gas now could help your performance over thanksgiving. You could just consider this a training run maybe. Good luck!


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