on ‘wounded knee’


A nice mostly sunny windy day in upper 50’s, got out this morning and got in a hard workout on the trails, on parts of the course of this Saturday’s 5k XC race.  Some sprints up a couple of key hills, 6 on each hill, and fast runs along some key stretches.  A good workout, basically some intervals on trails again, made the injured left knee sore again during the workout.  Besides the soreness, the knee was in the back of my mind the entire workout.  The injury and the soreness is becoming a nuisance, frustrating in not letting me go all out without hesitation.  Will take it easy the next couple of days, forecasted for a rain/snow mix, and get ready for a cold Saturday morning of hearty XC and hopefully a cooperative knee.



6 thoughts on “on ‘wounded knee’

  1. wanderwolf

    Hmm. Would taking an entire day off be an option? I’ve found that sometimes that all I need to get back into full groove. It sounds like psychologically knowing you gave yourself time to heal would help?

  2. runningintshirt Post author

    Yeah, that’s the plan for today and/or tomorrow. Felt like needed one good workout this week and got it in. It doesn’t feel like a serious injury, mainly a nuisance. It’ll be touch and go until the goal race on Thanksgiving, then will have time to rest afterwards

  3. road to the 2015 boston marathon

    Sounds like you’ve been here before and know your body well. I would just be sure to take yourself up on that post Thanksgiving break, and not get too greedy. That would be my mistake. Best of luck. Good reading.

    1. runningintshirt Post author

      Yeah, thanks, that’s definitely the plan after Thanksgiving as there won’t be a meaningful race until at the earliest late Dec/early Jan. Really enjoying your blog already, relevent and compelling, glad I found it

  4. WalkToRio

    Hope you are feeling better. I agree with wanderwolf, rest would be nice and you know I don’t like taking time off to heal, but it might help a day or 2 off.

  5. runningintshirt Post author

    Hey, thanks. Both are sage advise and I plan to take today and probably Friday off before this race and see if that helps. You know what it feels like taking time off! But I’m not too anxious about it right, I feel like I have some fitness ‘banked up’ this year and can afford to take a day or two off right now. Great to see your posts back!


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