5 light and easy miles around the neighborhood and in the park on the route of this Saturday’s XC race organized by my running club, the Greater Buffalo Track Club.  The run was good, the left knee was sore, but not painful.  Running is probably slowing down the healing, but not making it worse.  It’s a trade off I’ll take to stay in racing shape for the remainder of the season culminating with the 119th Annual Buffalo Turkey Trot.

It turns out I came in as 6th master, not 7th, but a small difference.  Aside from my individual finish, I was disappointed in that it was my first race as member of Roadkill Racing’s masters team.  It was a little strange, as Sunday was the first time I met these guys, since most of the team is based in Rochester and Syracuse, just before the race.  I guess this is a little bit like being a free agent joining his new team.

We finished 2nd to our biggest rival, a central NY club that’s one of the top masters teams nationally.  Racing at this USATF level can feel ‘cut throat’ at times.  Several people were already aware that I had joined Roadkill.  The rival club brought out all their top runners for this one, as they and Roadkill seemed to take this race very seriously.  I had jumped into the middle of this fray.

I have mixed feelings about competitive situations like this.  Been there, done that, in college and then with a racing team in Boston soon after.  I’m a serious racer, but don’t like it to feel ‘life and death’, like, when it feels like a focus on the ‘bottom line,’ whether it be in terms of victories or time.  Let’s see how this goes.

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