first xc race of season, lessons learned


Several factors conspired to make this morning’s USATF’s upstate NY masters 8K XC championships mildly disappointing.  Came in 7th among masters, 3rd in the 45-49 AG, 27:50.  Based on the competition there, could have finished anywhere from 1st to 10th, and ended up dropping to 7th, behind several runners I’ve finished ahead of previously.

Pre-race events foreshadowed subpar results.  The 3 hour drive was long; the windy 30 degree morning was not inspiring; unfamiliarity with the race course kept me uncomfortable; seeing that we had to run through a stream, twice, was not inspiring on a windy 30 degree morning; and some people cautioning me against wearing spikes on this course just minutes before the start while I was in my spikes.

Then during the race the injured left knee stiffened up – I guess it still wasn’t a 100%.  The knee and the fear in the back of my mind of re-injuring it, I think, kept me from running full speed down a steep rocky quarter mile hill.  Here I lost several seconds to the guys who sprinted down with abandon.

Glad to get this race under my belt, though  My first XC race of the season, I forget XC running has a learning curve.   Will have a local XC race this Saturday, and then another upstate race a couple of weeks after that, to make up for this morning.  The knee should be better by then, it’s a little sore now from the pounding it got on the trails, icing is in order…


2 thoughts on “first xc race of season, lessons learned

  1. wanderwolf

    It’s good to start your season not at your best, because now you have something to work for. 7th place Masters at what sounds like a big race isn’t a shabby start, though.


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