running’s a contact sport


A rough couple of days here in Buffalo.  Yesterday’s soreness was cast aside by a bad fall tonight.  Went out for an evening run in the early darkness, and while crossing the street got my feet caught in a random metal wire loop on the ground probably from someone’s garbage.  Went straight down, hard, onto the sidewalk pavement.  ‘Luckily’ my left knee and hand ‘cushioned’ the fall.  Bad enough that I had to gather myself for a few minutes.  At least a bad knee bruise.  To test it out and to maybe minimize the swelling, ran on for a few miles.  Was able to run normally, except for the pain, and finished the intended ‘easy’ 6 miler.

No one’s fault, but I was so mad about this random garbage on the ground.  Well, I’ve been pretty fortunate this year with injuries, so the odds were I was due for a freak accident.  Could have been much worse.  There could have been glass on the ground, or God forbid, something sticking out.

Back home now, icing and posting.  The knee very sore.  Don’t like to take ibuprofin, so will use ice and rest.  Have that quarter marathon race Saturday, but will now have to play it by ear.  I’d like to run it still as a tune-up for the following Sunday’s Upstate NY masters xc championships.  What a night, sheesh…


4 thoughts on “running’s a contact sport

  1. wanderwolf

    :/ That’s rough. But a fall and a bruised knee are still better than a sprain, broken bone, or other kind of injury. You are lucky! The race on Saturday may not be so hot, but it’s still worth a run, I think.
    Take care of yourself!
    (I avoid ibuprofen too)

    1. runningintshirt Post author

      Thanks! It’s a little better today, been icing it a lot. Will have to see about tomorrow’s race. Thanks again for the Liebster nomination, for this little blog! I’ll be sure to get to it, just have to come up with some worthwhile answers 🙂

  2. runningintshirt Post author

    Oh thank you! Been a ‘walking wounded’ for most of the day. Still painful, but the swelling’s going down and looks like no permanent damage. Will have to see about tomorrow’s race. Hope the cold goes away, maybe the run will clear out the system! You have a nice weekend as well.


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