pieced together by duct tape


One of those days where running was the body held together by duct tape.  7 miles on the soft parkway brought out some aches and pains.  For some reason my left hip and partly down the outside of the leg (doesn’t feel like an IT band issue) have been sore for about a week.  Feels like a pinched nerve or a minor strain.  Might be still be recovering from the Half a week and a week and a half ago.  The ailment feels like something I used to get after full marathons.  Hey I’m no spring chicken, you know, half marathons might take longer to recover from now on.  Or it could be these new Nike’s I’ve been wearing for a couple of weeks.  Wore an old pair of Saucony’s with some tread left today and they felt a little better.  Or it could be this humid weather we’ve been having for a week now.  Or a combination of the above.  But it’s not bad enough to prevent me from running normally.  Just some nagging pain in the ass stuff that sometimes comes with the joy of running.



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