the upcoming final ‘semester’


Last week marked the end of the half marathon phase, and this week begins the cross country portion, this year’s final phase, leading up to the year’s peak race, the Thanksgiving Day 8k Turkey Trot.  I love how these phases are working out: began with some random races in Spring, then heavy on 5k’s during the Summer, to a couple of Half’s along with some distance training, and now cross country.  It’s a nice progression and mixes it up to keep things interesting.

So in celebration of the good half marathon results and to get set for the next period, I’m taking today off, relaxing, and having a couple of beers.  These are the lull times when I can exhale a bit, ‘recover’ from the year-long training and racing, and go forward refreshed.  Learned of this essential need for breaks in college where it was xc season, then straight to indoor track, and then almost instantly outdoor track.  It was intense.  Now I have the luxury (and wisdom?) to make it work for me.


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