some downtime, random thoughts


10 miles around the park and to the edge of downtown and back, at dinner time but it was already getting dark.  I’m going to miss daylight savings when it disappears in a couple of weeks.  Cooler, in the low 60’s, after yesterday’s near 80.  Going to miss the 80’s too.

Still a little sore from Sunday’s race, mostly the calves for some reason.  But it was nice to have another relaxing run.  No race this weekend, looking forward to this break.

A couple of more nuggets from Sunday’s Half.  Glad I got in the mileage and especially a tempo run in the couple of weeks before the race.  Training for a half is definitely different than for a 5 or 10k.  That tempo run is essential for the half and up.

The kids are feeling better after yesterday’s tough loss against their cross country rivals.  They had a good group chat online today to support and encourage one another – they still have a city-wide and a state high school sectional race to run.  Good kids.

Finally some downtime after a busy few days, including Sunday’s race.  Enjoying some Molson Canadian in the beer glass won at the race, to some classic Wilco.


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