race recap: running with the deer


4 very easy miles around the neighborhood just to loosen up from yesterday.  Didn’t feel too bad.  Downpour in the morning, then it got warm.  Will resume normal running tomorrow when it’s supposed to reach the high 70’s.

More on yesterday’s race…

The Stats:

“1:16:02, running by myself for 12.6 of the 13.1 miles, 3rd overall, and 1st master finisher for the host race, The Lucy Town Half Marathon, as well as in the USATF-Niagara championship.  Weather was near perfect: clear, in the low 40’s.”  

The first two runners (winner was a Kenyan visiting upstate NY) took off on an early 5:10 min/mile pace, too rich for me, had to let them go and ran a solo ‘tempo run’ for 12 miles.  Considering this, very happy about the 5:48/mile race pace and just missing a masters PR by 10 seconds, having run alone.

Running with Deer:

“But the very special part of today’s race – situated in the edge of the Allegheny Mountains, in the rural ‘Southern Tier’ region of Western NY – was running with deer through mile 12!  RAN WITH DEER through most of mile 12.  Just magical. They looked like maybe a doe and her two fawn, about 20 yards ahead.”

When they first jumped out of the woods onto the road, they stopped for a moment and stared.  I got a little nervous that they might get scared and charge or something.  Then they started prancing ahead of me.  At various times looking like they’d get off the road, they kept going, and after about a mile they jumped back into the woods.

“The pace car and the traffic behind me saw them as well, we were all amazed.”

There was a pace car behind me and a few cars behind him on this country road with woods on either side; and they obviously didn’t want to pass me and disturb the deer.  The deer and I had the cars going about 10 mph for that mile.  But no one seemed to mind.

“I was obviously tired and hurting at this point, but the deer – and if something like this doesn’t make you consider the divine realm – wouldn’t get off the road and seemed (to me) to be pacing me.”  A transcendent moment, when I forget for an instant I was racing and everything else.  Priceless.

“One of the few times I wished I had a camera during a race.”  A group selfie would have been great here.

“Perhaps the most incredible racing/running experience I’ve ever had.”  Again, priceless.


7 thoughts on “race recap: running with the deer

  1. WalkToRio

    That’s a great time!
    Congrats on your PR.
    And maybe because I just watched Harry Potter for the 200th time, you said deer and I imagined a patronum or whatever that’s spelled. Don’t know if you are even familiar with the movies, but on one of them Harry (Lord! Am I seriously commenting and using Harry Potter? lol) Potter was being attacked by those ghost like things that eat your soul or something like that, and bang! A deer made of light came to his rescue.
    Have a nice week!

  2. runningintshirt Post author

    Hey thanks! I know that scene, I think from The Prisoner of Azkaban. Great film. I remember the ghost characters and that scene, but don’t recall the deer. Will have to check it out!

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  4. mythreemoggies

    I started running properly this year and got a PB recently on half marathon of 2:21 and I felt I had won the race the wAy I was celebrating LOL. It is how you feel afterwards that makes a big difference 🙂


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