magic run…paced by deer

sunday (race day)

Ok, first lets get the results out of the way – and I’m very psyched about it: 1:16:02, running by myself for 12.6 of the 13.1 miles, 3rd overall, and 1st master finisher for the host race, The Lucy Town Half Marathon, and masters winner in the USATF-Niagara championship.  Very happy.

But the very special part of today’s race – situated in the rural ‘Southern Tier’ region of Western NY – was running with deer through mile 12!  RAN WITH DEER through most of mile 12.  Just magical. They looked like maybe a doe and her two fawn, about 20 yards ahead.  The pace car and the traffic behind me saw them as well, we were all amazed.  I was obviously tired and hurting at this point, but the deer – and if something like this doesn’t make you consider the divine realm – wouldn’t get off the road and seemed (to me) to be pacing me.  One of the few times I wished I had a camera during a race.

Perhaps the most incredible racing/running experience I’ve ever had.

More tomorrow…


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