x-country thrills


Today was wet and in the low 50’s – the first time this season it felt like Autumn.  The pouring AM rain stopped just in time for Adam and his high school cross country team’s invitational race.  The course, on a farm, was in decent shape even after the rain.

The guys did great.  Didn’t yet get the official results, but looked like they finished in the upper half of about couple dozen Western NY schools of various sizes, urban and suburban, and both public and private.  This is a big improvement over their performances historically of finishing in the bottom third.  Their two seniors finished first together for the team, then Adam and two fellow juniors finished together about 30 seconds behind.  Very good pack running as they have been practicing.  To have 5 runners within 30 seconds of each other is impressive and bodes well for the Buffalo city championship in a few weeks.

More than that, it was thrilling to see these kids working together, with a gleam in their eyes whenever they saw people to pass, and battling with other runners in the final couple hundred yards, running hard the entire final stretch when they’re feeling the pain that we runners are all familiar with, their excitement at seeing their improvement over previous years…it doesn’t get much better than this.

So I ran around at the meet for a couple of miles, losing my voice, then came back home and added on 12 miles to and from the park, part of the way in cold rain.  I hope my race day self appreciates what the training day self does on a day like this.


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