reacquainting myself with the half


A pleasant 10 miler around the park, partly on trails, in a new pair of shoes, a pair of Nikes (on sale), haven’t worn Nikes in over 10 years, had worn mostly Asics throughout but the last few pairs were disappointing, let’s see how these work.

Will cautiously increase mileage over this week and next to prepare mentally the Half.  Forgot how much of a difference there is in mentality between race distances, especially a relatively big step up from a 5k to a half or a marathon.  Was a ‘miler’ for a week in August; will ‘be’ a half marathoner for the next 2 weeks.



4 thoughts on “reacquainting myself with the half

    1. WalkToRio

      I have exactly the same issue with Asics, the last pair I bought totally destroyed me. Blisters included. Huge disappointment, I’m giving Mizuno a chance now.

      1. runningintshirt Post author

        I’ve gotten the same response from a number of runners and friends. What’s going on there at Asics I wonder? Used to be about the shoe, maybe now the profit motive has completely taken over. Not a complete breakup with Asics still, but a trial separation.

    2. runningintshirt Post author

      Really disappointing. They used to be my shoes. If their business strategy changed in recent years, they’d better get back to their original goals. I still might go back to them at some point, but my loyalty is waning.


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