sunday’s adventure revisited


Even after a restful night of sleep, felt sluggish and beat, but with such a beautiful Fall day – sunny, breezy, 70’s – HAD to get out at least for a few miles.  So ran 3 miles around the block to get in some sunny.  Didn’t feel much better after the run, but the mood improved.

Regarding last Sunday, forgot to mention that it unintentionally turned into a 19 mile day.  1 mile warm up, 13.1 race, and an accidental 5 miles back to the hotel in a rain storm after being all turned around and getting lost.  A long morning.  Forgot about this ‘adventure,’ I think it took more out of me this week than I thought.  Probably contributed to being more irritable than usual soon afterwards.

Luckily there’s one more day before Sunday’s 5k, so should be enough time to be ‘rested.’  Now making a favorite comfort food: spaghetti.  Always makes things better…

Hope your Friday’s comfortable, happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “sunday’s adventure revisited

  1. wanderwolf

    The best part about “blah” running days is that they never seem to stick around for too long. Hopefully one more day of rest gets you back in the game! I’m sure 19 miles will take a lot out, especially since 5 miles were after the race.


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