rest and focus


A busy couple of days at work, sore and tired after last night’s 600’s on the track, after Saturday’s 5k PR (which means I pushed it), with the changing weather livening up the viruses around us, with a half marathon in a few days, decided to take today off from running, before it got a little too late to get a good rest in.  All the distance and workouts have been put in over the past 9 months, some extra distance the past couple of weeks; taking a day off won’t kill me; it’ll actually do me good; it’s performance season, and I want to do more than ‘train through’ this Half.

I hadn’t intended to run this race until only a month or so ago, so it’s been a bit of a rush to get up for it.  Now I’m getting there, starting to focus in, will get there in a couple of more days…

Happy Hump Day!


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