recovering from & celebrating yesterday


An easy breezy recovery day and a start to a week of mini-taper for Sunday’s Rochester Half Marathon.  7 miles, somewhat sore, on park trails – love this route – on a cool fall-like day.  Celebrated Adam’s cross country race from yesterday.  We’re not sure yet where he finished – probably top 50 among a couple of hundred runners – but we do know now his team finished in the top 10 (8th!) among 23 schools in their race.  We also saw the film ‘Boyhood’ today – highly recommend!

For folks who were interested in today’s running column in our paper, for which I was interviewed, here’s the link, if you really have nothing else to read…

Have a great evening; let’s have a great week!


2 thoughts on “recovering from & celebrating yesterday

  1. WalkToRio

    Nice little interview.
    I’ve always thought Ekiden races gotta be a great boost to your performance.
    I’ve never done a long relay race, however, this time my team was 1 runner short for the 4×400, it was a medal guaranteed and points to the final standing, I ran it. The slowest 400mts runner ever lol.
    The Penn Relays will always be one of my favorite races, the first time I ever walked under 44 minutes the 10km was there, I bettered my PB in almost 3 minutes, great memories.
    Have a nice week!

    1. runningintshirt Post author

      That 400m ‘sprint’ must’ve been a sight! That Ekiden was epic, we were invited to compete in Japan’s Intercollegiate championship. And the Penn Relays! Glad you participated there and got the PB! What can I say, it holds a special place in my heart. Franklin Field was my track home for 4 years + 1 year after. I partial to the Penn Relays over many other invites, it being a home tournament. Ran in it a couple of times, the college steeplechase and an open 10,000m, all great memories for me as well!


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