things are heating up


It’s starting feel like an oven out there.  Reaching the 80’s, sunny, and humid, today’s 11 miler was another soaker.  But felt good, considering the club track workout last evening.  With the slight uptick in mileage to prep for the probable upcoming half marathons, had to listen to the body and stay on soft grassy surfaces and trails.  Even in these ‘easy’ runs, the uneven trails provide a good workout – without being taxing.

More thoughts on yesterday’s ‘ladder’ intervals…

With 2 miles each in warm up and cool down, the total for the day was 8.  What made the workout so positive was that I was fairly relaxed on most of the intervals, going nearly all out only on the final 200 meter sprint (32 secs, which I was psyched about).  Just a few months ago, it would have been a lot more work to hit some of yesterday’s splits.  Showed how far I’d come this year anaerobically, which will pay off even in long distances like the Half.


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