ladders on the track


A killer workout on a cool night before a late summer mini-heat wave forecasted to start tomorrow and reach 90 degrees by Friday.  Glad to get this ‘ladder’ workout in just in time:

200 meters (34 secs), 400 meters (75 secs), 600m (1:55), 800m (2:36), 1000m (3:15), 800m (2:34), 600m (1:54), 400m (74 secs), 200m (32 secs, yes!)…400m jog rest after the 800’s and 1000’s; 200m rest after the others.

Felt good, felt strong.  Looking forward to the next phase of this season.


2 thoughts on “ladders on the track

  1. WalkToRio

    Nice workout there!
    We are just getting over a heat wave. Yesterday rained (weird in here over summer) in the middle of the day, heavy rain for 3 minutes. Immediately after sun was shining bright and hot as hell, city felt like a massive sauna. Disgusting.


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