a delicious diet of distance


Hot, hot, hot, and humid.  And I’m glad because it means summer’s still here and going strong.  Never believed in the whole business of summer being over on Labor Day.  Bullshit.  The fun in the sun rolls on.

12 miles on this hot, hot, hot, humid day, drenched in sweat and good vibes from doing long runs two days in a row.  With all these 5k’s recently, feel like some distance – like some good protein in a well balanced diet – had been missing and so was great to have it.

And also, because of the pleasant 10k surprise of last week, decided to pencil in a couple of fall half marathons.  The 10k indicated I was stronger than had thought, so looks like the Rochester Half on Sept 21 and a USATF-Niagara Half Championship in Jamestown on Oct 12.

more bits from friday’s wny hall of fame 5k:

It turned out the runner I was battling – and battling hard – in the final mile was someone I knew.  I didn’t recognize him in his racing gear during the race, as I was looking forward the entire time.  Like a couple of boxers after an epic match, we laughed and shared a beer together during the post-race, along with me razzing him for waiting until the final 100 yards to beat this old man.

Mary Wittenberg, the NY Road Runners Club Prez and Director of the NYC Marathon, and a ‘local gal’ from the Buffalo area, was at the event to be inducted into W. New York’s Running Hall of Fame.  Got a chance to chat a little with her after the race.  She comes back to the area often to visit, as she still has family here.  Of the many races by NYRRC, she was particularly high on the Brooklyn Half.

Buffalo is a big running town.  This 5k on Friday, a few more 5k’s yesterday, and then the Biggest Loser Half Marathon today.  The police are getting plenty of overtime.


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