the race came through


Tired/sore from last night’s race and post-race celebration, 12 (part recovery/part torture) miles at 8:30 am with the Saturday morning group around Buffalo’s downtown and waterfront.  Not feeling my best, but it’s always fun to run with these guys so couldn’t pass it up.

friday’s WNY running hall of fame 5k highlights:

The hours leading up to the race was all about the body and especially the legs feeling tight.  This happens often when it’s humid out, and it certainly was an unexpectedly muggy day and evening – and sunny to add.  Felt a little looser after a few miles and some sprints, but really wasn’t feeling my best as the race began.  Saw familiar faces – area elites, both open and masters.

The race took off, and everyone seemed to rush off while I felt slow motion.  But gradually eased into it, relaxing the mind and focusing on the runners ahead.  Saw friend and fellow masters Jose (the 50 yr old who nearly ran an age group world class mile a few weeks ago) going out with the youngsters.  Gradually caught up with the lead pack at the one mile mark, 5:05 (the leader already was way ahead at 4:50).  The mental relaxation technique helped and felt more relaxed; passed two guys in front, including Jose; felt good; kept pushing the pace in the 2nd mile through the hills, 2 miles at 10:25

When I’m pushing the pace with folks nearby, I borrow a page out of Pre’s book of thoughts, ‘if I’m gonna hurt, you’re gonna hurt; you may beat me, but it’s gonna take a whole lot of pain to do it,’ and this was going through my head for the next mile and a half, as I started to hurt.

For most of the 3rd mile, was going back and forth with a young runner, vying for 3rd.  Neither of us were giving in.  Painful but good for pushing each other to a good finish.  With a quarter mile to go, thought I had dropped him, but he blew past me on his 25 year old legs in the final 100 yards, seemingly out of nowhere.  Only after the race did I realize that the top 3 got some money.  I gotta remember these things in a race!

Still, thrilled to see 16:25 as I crossed, just 3 secs behind third place, but Masters winner, and a 4 second PR, which I’m proud of as much as the recent bigger 10k PR, as these 5k’s are tough little suckers to PR.



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