“most of my competitors either can’t walk anymore or dead.”


Tired and sore from yesterday’s workout plus the past week of racing /training…but a really good kind of tired and sore, so with a 5k on Friday, went for an easy 3 miler around the neighborhood to shake out the lactic acid and just to give self a momentary breather.  The body needs that once in a while.

So this Friday’s 5k is called the WNY Running Hall of Fame’s The Champions 5k.  Okay, the name’s a little hyperbolic, but a good race verging on great.  Western New York has a storied running tradition, and this hall of fame, which every running community should have to celebrate it’s running and runners, was begun three years ago and each year has inducted a half dozen distinguished athletes/coaches/admins related to running, including former world masters distance champion and two time US marathon Olympian John Tuttle.  This year’s class includes W. New York native Mary Wittenburg, the director of the NY City Marathon and former local college star, and Dick Sullivan, a local running legend in his 90’s and friend, who’s run something like over 50 (?!) Boston Marathons and who had a great quote recently in the papers: “most of my competitors either can’t walk anymore or dead.”

The Champions 5k’s goal is to draw the best runners in WNY and ‘face off.”  It’ll have open and masters winners.  I don’t like such competitive hype – feels too personal – but should make for a good race and performances…


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