trust the training, don’t be excessive

…was my mantra today.


Got in some speed, 6 x sprint of a distance near 300 yards, up a gradual incline on a quiet side street (Rumsey Road, which I’ve written about in the past) next to the park.  The splits in seconds: 49, 48, 47, 47, 46, 46, with a 300 yard recovery jog.  2 miles there, 2 miles back home.

Why the speed?  Because of a competitive 5k race on Friday.  Why uphill?  The course, which literally winds widely around my house, is deceptively hilly with long subtle uphill stretches in the first mile and in the final ½ mile.  Wanted to get used to the sensation of running fast up such a grade.

6 reps were all I did and all I needed on this hot (80’s and significantly hotter than it’s been recently), humid, sunny day.  Still was not fully recovered from Saturday’s hard 10k and had only two days between now and the 5k.  No need to kill myself today; I’m in shape; I’m not going to get significantly faster before Friday.  By the last rep, my left quad was tiring and felt like it was weakening – not time to pull any muscle now.  6 was enough.


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