the more i run, the less i know


8 tired sore heavy-legged miles on a humid sun-drenched day.  All the good chemicals masking the physical pain from Saturdays 10k PR must have dissipated, and the body was feeling the full brunt of it during this afternoon’s run.  

On days like this, with your run feeling so poor, your equilibrium is out of wack, and you know that eventually it’ll come back with a more pleasant run.  If you’ve been running long enough, you know that the extremely bad and the extremely good runs are outliers and that you will come back closer to center – though the more you run, the more that center of equilibrium shifts to the blissful.

More musings from saturday’s 10k…

Running can be mysterious.  On Wednesday nite’s 5k, felt great and thought I was running a PR during the race, but ended up being off by 15 secs; on Saturday, with a short rest and feeling tired, got a PR by over a minute.   The more I run, the less I know…I guess you just have to trust in the training and shoot for a positive trend.


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