racing in the moonlight


Decided to give it a go at tomorrow night’s 8pm ‘Moonlight Run’ 5k in Williamsville, just outside Buffalo.  It’s supposed to rain hard all day, but will be more scattered by the evening.  Checked out the satellite forecasts and looks like the race area will be generally clear, showers at most perhaps.  So we’ll take a chance, as it sounds like a fun event.  The last time I actually raced ‘in the moonlight’ was 1990, and it was a good race.  Let’s have another…


2 thoughts on “racing in the moonlight

  1. WalkToRio

    I love night races. I entered yesterday a big one here in Seville. I did it last year, bad experience, too many people through the narrow old streets of the city, you had to walk (walk like a normal person) the first 2 miles. It was raining heavy, bad race. This year they took notes and changed the circuit. Now it goes around the city, using the big avenues, should be fun.
    Have a fun race!


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