sunday group run

sunday, SUNDAY

10 solid miles early this morning on a fall-like crisp morning with the young training partners that I hadn’t run with in a month.  We’re getting back in training sync, as the boys recently returned from representing western New York in JP Morgan’s Corporate Chase’ world championship in London.  They did quite well, placing top 10 out of a couple dozen teams, and made new friends with the winners from S. Africa.  

After globetrotting, they’re back home in Buffalo resuming their training.  They surprised me with a 2 mile pick up @ 6 min mile pace.  No big deal, we’re in shape, we coasted, even having a conversation.  A good group, a solid run this morning.

Thinking of jumping into a 5k on Wed.  Wasn’t intending to but this race, called the ‘Moonlight Run,’ takes place at night, starting at 8.  Love night runs and want to use up whatever speed left over from Thursday’s mile race, but the forecast’s calling for t-storms that nite so not sure yet…

The weekend was great, hope yours was too!


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