shoe emergency, sort of


10 miles on park roads and trails on an overcast cool breezy fall-like morning.  Felt okay, though not as good as yesterday, and wanted to do a little more, but a decent sized blister was developing on the bottom of the right foot and the right knee was getting sore from compensating for that blister.  The shoe’s cushioning didn’t feel right, so checked it and saw that the forefoot area of the outer sole, under the gel pad (Asics), had completely worn through and I could feel the pad.  So that section of the shoe’s cushioning was getting soft and not supporting my right forefoot very well.

They sure don’t make them like they used to.  This has happened to the last several pairs.  What good are gels if the outer sole wears out.  I’ve had these shoes since winter, so I guess they’ve had a good run; but I used to be able to wear Asics for entire year because of the gels and the tough soles.  I guess it didn’t make business sense to make them that durable and long lasting.  Luckily I have a back up Saucony pair, but will have to get some new Asics, my faves, stat.


4 thoughts on “shoe emergency, sort of

  1. WalkToRio

    I have the same feeling, the last 2 pairs of Asics I bought haven’t lasted as long as the ones I bought 4 years ago.
    I’m trying Mizuno now, so far so good.

  2. connorbarrett

    Out of interest, which Asics are you running in? I currently have the Asics Nimbus 14s and whilst not as good as their predcecessor, they aren’t doing badly. Had the 13s for about 6 months and I could still probably get a few more runs out of them as and when required. Compare that with the previous (x2, I hope you can keep up!) pair of running shoes I had, Mizuno Wave Rider 15s. The Mizunos lasted a bit longer than six months but not overly so, maybe another few weeks at best, again, I didn’t run until the shoes had holes in them so I could probably go for a quick run in them tomorrow and they’d be just about okay. On the whole though, I have to agree that shoes don’t last at all long, coupled with rising shoe prices and it makes running quite an expensive sport!

    1. runningintshirt Post author

      Hey, thanks for the follow and the comment. I’ve been wearing Asics 1000 series for several years now, and I’ve liked them for their gel in forefoot as well as the heel, while being relatively inexpensive. Always hesitant about paying nearly twice as much for the 2000 series, for what seems like essentially the same shoe. Never tried the Nimbus, but then nearly all of the Asics gels seem the same (I’m sure they’re not). Might have to look into them or Mizunos. Great to see your blog on wordpress, looking forward to reading about your running.


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