my best imitation of a miler


A great 11 mile ‘recovery’ run around the park and on trails, a very comfortable cool overcast day.  Recovery in quotes because I didn’t feel much if any effects from last nite’s mile race.  The past several days have been low mileage in prep for the mile, so that might’ve been a factor in today’s good run.

Highlites of Last Nite’s Mueller Mile:

The evening cooperated for the most part: cloudy, cool in the 60’s, occasional lite shower.  The only minor issue was a brisk headwind in the final ⅓ mile.

The field was the deepest in recent memory. It seemed everyone and their grandmother came to race this year; good runners from Syracuse to Southern Ontario were all here.

Felt ok before the race, the quads were a little tight, even after the warm up.  Felt like it would take some work to match or beat last year’s 4:47.

The race took off, everyone seemed to be sprinting so had to sprint to stay in the race.  If I was going to try for a PR, there was no starting off ‘conservatively’ in this one – I’d be too far off the pace in that case.  The sprint didn’t feel good, but little choice.  My first quarter had to have been under 69 secs.

After the rush of the first minute, actually had a little ‘breather’, relaxed, and started passing people.  Was getting in (painful) rhythm at the half.  Then Jose (a terrific masters racer from Ontario, we’ve developed a friendly rivalry this year as he’s run some fantastic times) decided to celebrate his recent 50th birthday by rocketing past me, seemingly out of nowhere, and went for it; he meant business.  After the initial surprise, gathered myself, and went with him as he passed more runners.

Followed him for the last half, passing the ¾ mark around 3:32.  Just could not catch him.  Jose finished in 4:43, stealing the show, one second ahead of me, 4:44.  I was stoked about passing the 88% age grade; Jose incredibly just missed making the 90% world class grade, The Ontario Rocket.  Oh and the overall winner was a 16 year old child prodigy from Rochester, in 4:27.

Got a new PR, very happy, in an event that’s not my strength.  Still cracked the top 10 (9th overall) in a very deep field.

This Mueller Mile is becoming quite a regional event, should entertain some more top performances…and more post-race fun…next year.


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