a nice feeling 5000m


A blissful 10 mile recovery run on park trails.  Still high from yesterday’s race and the lactic acid hadn’t fully kicked in yet, so was running on air for the most part.

yesterday’s 5000m (or ‘5k’ in road parlance) on the track:

So I had circled this race on the calendar months ago because it was a club event, a track race (which is rare), and on my birthday.  The turnout, as expected, was smaller than a road race but was decent for a fairly new area event, and the crowd support from family and friends was great.  We also had some runners come down from the Toronto area to compete.

Though I was 2 seconds off my 5k PR, and was mildly disappointed by this, felt great and hopeful about future PR’s by the way I felt for most of the race.  I had joked beforehand about having a rabbit (a pacer) for the race, and indeed one of the Canadian runners (winner of the mile race and a former elite miler) opted to pace his teammates in the 5000m.  And his pace was near-perfect for me, hitting 79 second laps like clock-work.  Got us 3 front runners through nice and relaxed, 5:16 for each of the first 2 miles.  I was feeling confident about something in the 16:20’s.

It would have been perfect if he could have stayed on the track for a couple of more laps, as he stepped off with 5 laps to go.  By this time I was in the lead by a good 5 seconds, and those last 5 laps (1.25 miles) by myself was going to be a chore.  And it was, as I couldn’t hold the pace, fell off form a little, and came in at 16:31, staring again at my current plateau of 16:30.  No worries though; felt smooth, strong, and young.  I think I can still get faster.


2 thoughts on “a nice feeling 5000m

    1. runningintshirt Post author

      Thanks, it was near perfect for my current fitness, and helped along by an impromptu rabbit. It’s a fairly new meet, so I’m going to suggest having official rabbits added to next year’s races.


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