still dreaming of speed


The best kind of run today. 10 recovery/distance miles around the neighborhood and then on the trails, a day after a good race, no encumbrances, no required speed, no training requirements of any kind except to relax and take it all in.

What a great time last evening at Buffalo’s Ronald McDonald House 5k. First of all, was a great father-son night, with both boys getting PR’s. It was a deferred Fathers Day run that had to be cancelled at the time due to family matters we had to attend to. Forgot for a moment that my son was 16 and offered him a celebratory beer at the post-race party. A proud evening all around.

With my race, the 16:29 was such a nice finish. We runners know there’s nearly an eternity of a difference in that one second that separates 30 second increments of finishing times, such as 16:29 vs 16:30. So as I saw the unofficial clock show ‘16:29’ as I finished, I knew I had to wait for the official results to be sure, as the two clocks often differ. Once it was confirmed (16:29.7 to be exact), it was just a nice affirmation that I can continue to get faster even as I approach fifty. At this stage of life, more uncertainty creeps in about whether this would be the year where one hits the top of the curve. It’s not time yet.

The near perfect summer racing weather (overcast, a slight breeze, in the upper 60’s) laid the groundwork, along with the still comfortable new racing shoes, though the legs didn’t feel as fresh as at last Thursday’s race. Stayed steady and kept in striking distance of the first two runners (16:05, 16:22 respectively) after going through a fast first mile in 5:07 (they in 5:03). Along with a 16:29 PR, hit a new high in age grade performance by surpassing 87%.

I seem to be on a roll right, might as well keep it going with a track race next Thursday put on by my club. There will be a mile and a 5000 meters. Haven’t decided which one to do yet, but very much looking forward to it, as it will be literally my first outdoor track race in 24 years, since the 1990 Penn Relays 10,000m.


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