a 9 miler this morning, a 5k next week, a mystery race in the fall


Got in a morning 9 miler – with a 3 mile untimed pick up through the hilly part of the park trail – before it rains this afternoon. Felt oddly okay after Thursday’s 5k and the left foot no longer feels like it’s broken (I’m exaggerating). That 3 mile pick up will be the hard workout for the week before Wednesday’s Ronald McDonald House 5k (I know, another race!) in my neighborhood. This race I like a lot. It’s down the street from my apartment and the site of my post-forty 5k PR (16:30 last year); the race has a special place in my runner’s heart.

With another race (a track 5000 meters) the following Wednesday, the silver lining is to be able to use these races as (really) hard workouts.

And with all this racing and training, I have to start firming up my goal race(s) in the fall besides the 8k Turkey Trot in November. It’ll probably be a half marathon – perhaps the Niagara International Half again. But I’m also tempted to run more races in the Upstate NY cross country series. They’re a lot of fun, tough competition, and gets you plenty strong for future races. Decisions, decisions…


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