day before musings

5 very easy miles at noon on grass along the parkway and neighborhood square in what seemed like a perfect fall day, except without the foliage. It must have been the weather because I felt relaxed and carefree, the soreness from Monday’s workout dissipating, as I did my day before routine for the Subaru 4 mile race – which I love for reasons beyond its international high level of competition.

Like its host city of Buffalo, the race and its director are unassuming, very locally focused, and conscious of the ‘little guy.’ Entry fee is reduced to $10 for anyone running the race for the first time; free to runners 70 and over; free to anyone who can verify they’ve won any certified race of 5k or over; food, drinks, and music from local places; and endearingly ugly t-shirts. Love this race, open to the last runner as much as to the first.

As I mused, it must be the weather because I didn’t feel nervous at all during today’s run, I think, relieved that I won’t have to worry about the weather adding to the intensity and pain we’ll be facing tomorrow starting at 7 pm. The only thought I had left was, ‘bring it on.’

So bring it on.


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